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First of all, HOANG LIEN SON GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SUNGATE- GROUP) would like to send cordial greetings to our valued customers and partners. We wish our customers and partners always good health and success.

HOANG LIEN SON GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SUNGATE- GROUP) was established on November 7, 2016 with the business of organizing travel activities, although being a newly established company, Hoang Lien Son. has grown stronger and asserted its position in the tourism industry of Vietnam. Business lines are expanding: Domestic and foreign tourism business, providing air tickets, hotel management, restaurants, event organization, civil engineering, car rental and construction machinery, general cargo transport … Hoang Lien Son Group Joint Stock Company strives to become one of the leading tourism companies in Vietnam and the region in terms of scale, quality and reputation. . With abundant resources, strong finance, experience and reputation in the field of tourism services, dynamic and professional staff, Hoang Lien Son always strives to bring customers the products. The most valuable travel.

The investment project of Hoang Lien Son mountain pass waterfall resort in Son Binh commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province (Trade name is “Rong May tourist area”) by Hoang Lien Son Group Joint Stock Company. Address at Group 9, P. Tân Phong, TP. Lai Chau, Lai Chau province is the investor. With the goal of building a large-scale tourist and entertainment complex; combining tourism development with the development of other commercial services, ensuring convenience for tourists, creating an eco-tourist resort with sports and healthy entertainment for tourists. At the same time, create infrastructure for tourism development and promote socio-economic changes in the locality in particular and Lai Chau province in general. The project is expected to serve the needs of entertainment for 5,000 to 50,000 tourists / year, including: Sightseeing tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism, resort … Including The main construction items such as hotels, elevators and glass bridges, bugallow resorts, swimming pools, … In particular, the system of outdoor elevators and glass bridges are the two most special tourism products. , plays the most important role in the overall Rong May resort. These are two very unique and new travel products meeting European standards and have never appeared in Vietnam.

Elevator system of transparent glass cage at an altitude of 2,200m above sea level and 548.5m above the ravine height of the magnificent Hoang Lien Son mountain range, elevator chamber designed with 3 transparent glass surfaces facing outwards. . Traveling on an elevator, carrying 30 passengers / time and the speed of travel is not too fast, it is estimated to transport 1,200 passengers / hour to take visitors through the clouds, to immerse yourself in nature, Witness the peak of the majestic 3,143m Fan-Xi-Pang mountain. Admire the breathtaking natural scenery of the misty land with the undulating rocky mountains of the Northwest. It promises to make visitors satisfied with the natural wonders, a masterpiece given by nature, to watch the flat paved roads curving through terraced fields and green tea fields. Thousands of mountains and hills coincide with magnificent clouds. The project is worth about VND 200 billion, the fastest way to get visitors to the top of the mountain entertainment area, it is estimated that it only takes 1.5 minutes to reach the top of the mountain instead of walking at least 3 hour.

When visitors step out of the elevator chamber, they will encounter the Glass Bridge system reaching out from the 50m cliff to welcome visitors into the play area. The sphere is made entirely of transparent glass, the glass floor is assembled by 3 layers of 2cm thick glass glued together with special glue, the total thickness of the glass surface is 7cm has been censored, closely assessed. The bridge has a width of about 5m with a length of 50m from the lift chamber to the sandstone cliffs of Hoang Lien Son mountain range and 300m long along the high cliffs of 2,200m above sea level. It can withstand the weight of 3,000 people at the same time but to ensure safety, the investor only allows a maximum of 500 people to be on the bridge simultaneously. Standing on the glass bridge, tourists will have a sense of indifference to witness the depth of the haze below, or zoom their eyes away, enjoy the majestic natural scenery, and feel the rushing wind and the clouds. vu bay … of “Four great mountain peaks” – a breathtaking scenery that appears in the eyes of visitors as naturally as possible. This bridge is not really for the faint of heart.

The system of outdoor elevators and Glass Bridge was started construction in early 2017 and is estimated to be completed and put into operation around June 2019, the whole process of project implementation is carefully conducted, undergoing steps for appraisal and approval of current processes and laws. The project is entirely innovative and was built by Hoang Lien Son Group Joint Stock Company. With the unique design idea and collating parameters of the co-products (Outdoor lift is 326,136m high in Truong Gia Gioi – China and 218m high glass bridge in Hebei province – China), the System is realized The glass bridge and the outdoor elevator of Rong May Resort, invested by Hoang Lien Son Group Joint Stock Company, have reached the record height of the world.

Submerged in the floating clouds and in the shimmering mist, paint a charming painting. Here, there is an invaluable resource that is cool and fresh climate, with many nuances.

Entertainment complex of world-class tourist resorts includes items such as glass elevator system. Besides, there are adventure games like bungee jumping, cable skating, skydiving, hot air balloons, solar rotation … will bring exciting adventures for visitors to experience and explore the fun zone. play mysterious, magical entertainment in the most wonderful ways.

In addition to the most entertainment items in the Northwest, the resort in the Rong May tourist complex has a modern restaurant and hotel, a beautiful bungalow suitable for relaxation, visitors are immersed in nature and elope with the foreground, the early mist, feel the beauty of the Northwest mountains.

Especially coming here, tourists can learn about the culture of the Mong people with traditional features such as brocade weaving, silver jewelry, saddle making, etc.

Coming to Rong May tourist area, visitors will be amazed at the charming picturesque mountains with hidden hills hidden behind fanciful smoke, visitors will experience the green paths between the cliffs, with the natural scenery of the Rong May resort.